Castcle's Manifesto

Decentralized Social Media, every user is an owner together

Castcle's Manifesto

The rise of the Internet and social media has given us the power to connect and share content endlessly. Today there are more than 4,200 billion people worldwide on social media or 70% of the global population.

It has disrupted our daily behavior completely. Consciously and unconsciously, we are allowing Giant social media platforms to exploit our content and personal data and gain billions of dollars to their benefits. And this is an unfair thread.

‌Content creators create quality contents to social media and this contribution causes social media to be full of quality contents that bring users to social media. On the other hand, users' personal data are collected by social media and are advertised according to their personal data. The contents and personal data are similar to the asset that both content creators and users are exploited by current giant tech firms.

Our first mission is to create a fairer and better social network ecosystem by decentralizing social media, every user is an owner together.

We believe that social media is powered by users-generated contents, so users plays a crucial role in building up communities and thus they should own and earn from the community they help build as well by rewarding the users with the community token on blockchain technology from each contribution they make e.g. content creating, content curation, see advertisement.

‌By design, the utility of the CAST token is to be spent on advertisements on the community or in other words, all advertisement spending in Castcle will be for buying the token. In result, there will be demand for CAST token and, this demand will be reflected in the token's value. Ultimately, every user is an owner and benefits from the success of the Castcle together.

"In Castcle community, every user is an owner together"‌

Second mission is to hasten the mass adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology

Decentralization is a trend where no single entity should exclusively reap the benefits. We would like to bring blockchain to mass adoption quicker through decentralized social media. The token rewards from daily use of social media will hasten the mass adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. More and more people will realize the benefit of borderless utilities and trustworthiness of blockchain technology. Our goal is for decentralized social media to bring the masses into the crypto world.

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