Content Reach

earn reward every your content reach to others

Disclaimer: this following information is not currently available and subjected to change without notice.

As social media platforms are made up from user-generated content and in order to maintain quality content for consumers and reclaim the value of content creators , fair and transparent revenue sharing should be a standard practice of social media.

What is the Content Reach reward

The content creator will earn a Content Reach reward when their content reaches other users' feeds. The content reach mechanism is run by Castcle’s cutting edge machine learning to show up the best relevant content to each user’s preference. Content creators will get the time-weight proportion of the advertisement value that their contents reach to other users’ feeds. So, the longer quality content will receive the higher proportion reward of each advertisement value.

How is the Content Reach Reward Calculated

The Content Reach reward is 50% of social reward or 35% of each ad value. Then the Content Reach reward will be equally-weighted distributed to the creators of contents that show up on users’ feeds.

For example, assuming there are 6 contents before the user sees an advertisement on the feed, and the advertising value is 1$, then the content reach reward is 0.35$. The 0.35$ reward will be distributed to the respective creators of those 6 contents in a equally-weighted proportion.

Earn more reward with Content Farming

Every user can earn more CAST tokens by doing content farming. Users can select the content that they believe will become popular and a hit among the community. The farmed content will be prioritized by the Castcle’s machine learning. Users who do content farming will also get a share of the reward as users help the community to select the quality content and make the platform sustainable in the long term with good quality content. Read more about content farming

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