Castcle Milestone

Disclaimer: this following information is subjected to change without notice.

Our roadmap is clear that at the initial phase, Castcle community is positioned to be the decentralized social media for cryptocurrency users to share and explore cryptocurrency contents.

However, Castcle aims to be a daily social media community and broaden users based from cryptocurrency users to general users over the time by expanding features to cover daily engaging hooks such as photo, music, short video sharing social media, chat, marketplace, gaming etc.

Castcle is prepared and ready to disrupt the social media market to create a better and fairer social media community for global users.

Timeline Milestone

  • 1Q22 - Beta version of Castcle community, the social media for cryptocurrency users to share and explore cryptocurrency contents and community. Auto-post accounts allow content creators to connect Castcle accounts with their Twitter, Facebook Page and automatically post on Castcle after they create content on the connected accounts.

  • 3Q22 - Launch Initial Dex Offering (IDO) of CAST Token and kickstart social reward, users can earn token from content reach, content farming, and seeing ads.

  • 4Q22 - Launch Airdrop Campaign with partners, users can earn more ad value from the blockchain wallet and exchange wallet data. Launch referral reward, referrers earn 10% reward of referee’s social reward for 6 months. When users share content from Castcle will contain referral code of that user.

  • 1H23 - Introduce Group, Friend and Short Video - Users can sync Castcle Page with other social media such as Instagram, TikTok to automatically post short videos/ photos to Castcle.

  • 2H23 - Introduce content NFT, Ad toggling and DAO. Content creators can mint their content to a content NFT and sell to gain the present value of content reach reward in advance. The content NFT will be stored perpetual on decentralized content storage. Ad toggling is when users do not want to see ads, so they can use CAST tokens to reward content creators instead of ad revenue. Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) will be launched for content moderation and future development governance.

  • 2024 - Music & Video Streaming, NFT marketplace, subscription & FC NFT, premium account , Chat, Digital pet & gaming

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