Social Rewards

Reward users from every contribution

Disclaimer: this following information is not currently available and subjected to change without notice.

A "Social reward" is a crypto rewards for users who contribute to the community. The advertisement value to each user after deduction for development reserves will become social rewards and distributed back to the users.

The "Development reserve" is thirty percent of advertising value on Castcle. It is to be reserved for operations and development costs such as server, employees and development of new features to expand the community.

Social rewards can be categorized as

  1. Seeing ads: the users get rewards when they engage with the Castcle community by seeing the advertisement that is the best match to users preference and data. So, users will earn a portion of their data's value through from ads on Castcle.

  2. Content Reach: the content creator will get rewards when their content reaches other users' feeds. The content reach mechanism is run by Castcle’s cutting edge machine learning to show up the best relevant content to each user’s preference. Content creators will get the time-weight proportion of the advertisement value that their contents reach to other users’ feeds. So, the longer quality content will receive the higher proportion reward of each advertisement value.

  3. Content Farming: the users can choose to invest in content they believe to become popular and hit. If the farmed content reaches other users' feeds, there will be a pool of rewards of the farmed content similar to content reach reward and the users who invested in that farmed content will get a share of content farming reward. There will be an exponential weight of content farming reward to reward more for early content farmers who discover the quality content at an early stage. In addition, content farming has a 24 hour period in order to encourage users to engage in Castcle and help the community to discover fresh, quality contents on Castcle on a daily basis.

The distribution ratio for the reward amount of each advertisement value is twenty percent allocated to feed Reading, fifty percent allocated to content Reach, and the other thirty percent allocated to content Farming reward or simply put

See ads: Content reach: Content farming = 20: 50: 30

Proportionally, 100$ of advertising value in CAST token will be distributed among

Platform: See Ads: Content Reach: Content Farming as 30: 14: 35: 21

Example of how is the ad revenue sharing calculated

The social reward start when a user see an ad on their feed. Let's assume there are 3 contents before the user see an ad and that ad cost is 1$ (or 1$ per impression). The 1$ of ad will be converted to 1$ of CAST tokens and distributed to Castcle platform just 30% of ad cost or 0.3$ CAST token, then the rest 70% or 0.7$ CAST token will be distributed to users as a social reward.

The content reach reward 35% of ad cost or 0.35$ CAST token will be distributed to content creators of the 3 contents that the user see before the ad. The seeing ads reward 14% of ad cost or 0.14$ CAST token will be distributed to the user who sees the ad. The rest is content farming which is 21% of ad cost or 0.21$ CAST token will be distributed to the content farmers (users who stake CAST token in the contents) in the 3 contents that the user see before the ad.

The Social Rewards are calculated daily and distributed after 14 days

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