better target audiences and efficiency with privacy compliance

Disclaimer: this following information is subjected to change without notice.

CAST token as a advertising currency unit

CAST token is the only currency unit for advertising in Castcle. To run ads, CAST token is required to spend on Castcle. However, advertisers can buy ad space via conventional payments such as credit card. The platform will automatically convert their media budget into the CAST tokens to be used on Castcle's advertisement marketplace

Ad Auction System

Ad space on Castcle is purchased through an auction system similar to conventional social media. Advertisers can select the target audiences of their campaigns and set the campaign budget and period manually. Also, advertisers can set a cap of the maximum cost per impression and maximum impressions per user manually or automatically. If advertisers set the automatic option, our ad auction will calculate the optimal cost per impression automatically to reach the budget and period requirement.

Ad Score is CPM x ad relevance score

The selected ad that will show up on users’ feed is based on the highest "ad score". Our ad score will be calculated from both ad value or cost per impression (CPM) as well as ad relevance score to align the best interest of the users and advertisers. Therefore, if the ad is effective, has high engagement and high relevance to users, it takes a lower ad cost to reach users.

Ad relevance score is similar to the content relevance score which is derived from many factors such as engagement, relevance between each content and the user individually. We recommend quality ad content to the targeted audience, leading to a lower ad cost and better ROI.

Target Audience

Advertisers can select the target audience based on the users’ data with their privacy consent allowing for targeted advertisement. The user is the one who controls personal privacy rights and owns personal data property rights, so users have the right to allow or not allow for target advertising on any specific information and also have the right to earn and benefit from any personal data. This will create a mutual and sustainable benefit for both advertisers and users

Target on Interest ; Page followed, Group Joined

For example, the new Defi project can target advertisements to users who have followed a page “Defi tips” or joined a “Defi Opportunity” Group and have allowed this data to be used by targeted advertisement. Advertisers can scope down the targeted audience to their specific audience that have similar interests and high relevance to the ad, so they are willing to spend more on a ad space in exchange for better targeting and efficiency of their ad budget. Those users will earn more from higher ad cost for their interest and data. Moreover, the content creators of Page “Defi Tips” page and content creators in “Defi Opportunity” Group also benefit from higher ad cost as well. The ad revenue sharing model allows all stakeholders to benefit from their contribution to decentralized social media.

Target on Blockchain and Exchange Wallet Data

According to our roadmap in 1Q22, users can connect their blockchain wallet and centralized exchange API to their Castcle account to claim airdrop and also earn more ad value from their wallet data. Advertisers can do targeted advertising to users based on their token holding, value or trading frequency for better targeting and efficiency. For example, the New Play-to-Earn can target advertisements to users who currently have $AXS more than 10 tokens or trade $AXS during the week.

Castcle Me and Internet of Me Opportunity

According to our roadmap in 3Q22, we will introduce Castcle Me. Users will be able to download their profile or interest data from other data providers such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok, LinkedIn, Amazon, Ecommerce, Credit Card, financial data etc., allowing every user to monetize their personal data on Castcle's platform. Advertisers can user the data that users allow to create even better ad targeting. Users are the true owner of their data and any data providers must allow users to download the personal data that they have upon request due to the personal data protection regulation. This upcoming privacy regulation allows users to maximize their benefit from their personal data.

Respect both personal data privacy and property rights

We respect the privacy of every user, so no personal data will be shared to advertisers or any other parties without consent and mutual benefit to users. Users can check and choose what data they allow for targeting advertisements and what data is allowed for feed algorithms only but not for targeting advertising or what data is not allowed for both feed and ad algorithm or what data users want to delete from Castcle forever. With open source code, users can be confident in our mechanism that we do what we claim about the privacy rights.

Castcle is built based on the principle of personal data ownership. Users are the true owners of data, they have the right to their privacy and property rights.

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