CAST Token

CAST token Utilities

Disclaimer: this following information is subjected to change without notice.

The CAST token aims to be a utility token, and a multichain token to make it easy to use CAST token.

For utilities

  1. CAST token is the only currency unit for advertisement in Castcle community. However, marketers and advertisers can buy advertisements via conventional payments such as credit card and the platform will automatically convert media budget into the CAST tokens to be used on Castcle's advertisement marketplace

  2. CAST token can be used for content farming. Users can select the content that they believe will become popular and a hit among the community. The farmed content will be prioritized by the Castcle’s algorithm. The farmed content will rank priority and appear on other users’ feeds. The higher the farmed content reach is, the more reward to the content farmers and the content creator will get.

  3. CAST token can be used as a reward or tip from the users to content creators whom they want to support for contributing good quality content to the community.

In our roadmap

  1. CAST token can be used as governance token for content moderation or future development of Castcle

  2. CAST token can be used to toggle on/off “no advertisements” mode at any users’ preferred period of time

  3. CAST token can be used as a unit to mint or swap for content NFT

  4. CAST token can be used for subscribing to access all premium contents of content creators and get the monthly FC badge NFT and special collections of that content creator.

  5. CAST token can be used for upgrading to a premium account to access all premium contents on Castcle without advertising interruption. The content creators will earn the premium account fees sharing based on time-weight proportion instead. The premium account users can still earn a token from their advertisement feed instead.

  6. CAST token can be used as a unit to buy general commerce in the Castcle marketplace or Castcle digital pet/gaming.

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