Content Farming

earn reward from curating contents to others

Disclaimer: this following information is not currently available and subjected to change without notice.

What is content farming

Content farming is when users promote or farm in contents that they believe to be valuable to other users by staking the CAST token for a 24 hour period. ‌The farmed content will be prioritized in the Castcle algorithm and appear on other users’ feeds. The content farmers will get a share of the content farming reward as users help the community to curate the quality content and make the platform sustainable in the long term.

Similar to traditional social media, social media platforms will recognize the quality and relevant content for each user based on users’ engagement activities such as likes, comments or shares. Content farming will reward users who alert the community to recognize the quality content and keep users engaging with Castcle on a daily basis

‌How to do content farming

CAST token is used for content farming. Users can select the content that they believe will become popular and a hit among the community. The farmed content will be prioritized by the Castcle’s machine learning. The farmed content will rank priority and appear on other users’ feeds. The amount of CAST token that will be farmed in each content for each user is fixed‌ at 5% of CAST token holding by the user at that time.

24 hours content farming duration‌

The duration of each content farming period is 24 hours. All farmed CAST tokens will be returned to users' account 24 hours after farming is completed. Castcle expects users to do content farming on recent contents to help fresh quality contents to reach audiences faster. We encourage users to keep engaging on Castcle and utilizing CAST token further after they gain the token.

‌How is content farming reward calculation

There are 3 steps in calculation of content farming reward.

  1. Content farming reward is 30% of social rewards or 21% of each ad value when user see ad on their feed.

  2. The content farming rewards, then, will be assigned to each content that the user see before encountering an ad with equally-weight proportion, similar to content reach calculation.

  3. The content farming reward of each content will be distributed to each content farmer based on their token farm with exponential distribution to benefit early farmers.

The higher the farmed content reach is, the more reward goes to the content farmers. The early they begin farming, the more reward to content farmers earn.

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