Reward users to join Castcle

Disclaimer: this following information is subjected to change without notice.

Early Castor Airdrop

In order to attract and thank early content creators that join Castcle in beta, our first airdrop campaign is an early castor airdrop for content creators who connect Castcle accounts with their social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook and allow auto-posting on Castcle. The early caster accounts will receive the airdrop a week after our IDO, which is expected to be in Feb 2022.

Quarterly Airdrop Campaign with partners

After the IDO, we will launch a quarterly airdrop campaign with other decentralized applications or cryptocurrency related businesses partners. Any users who hold tokens of our partner can connect a blockchain wallet with the Castcle account and earn our airdrop. Our partners will also earn ad credit (social reward in tokenomics) or CAST token that is limited to purchasing ad space only. The ad credit will be a social reward back to users.

Earn more from blockchain and exchange wallet data

Users can earn more ad value from their blockchain wallet data if there is a demand for targeted advertising that matches to the specific token in the wallet. For example, new decentralized applications in the Polygon chain can target advertising directly to any users who hold more than $100 of MATIC in the wallet. So, advertisers are willing to pay more ad value for better target advertising and users will earn more ad value as well.

Daily Minting

The airdrop reward will be subjected to daily minting, according to tokenomics, from our airdrop account balance and will be distributed on a first-come first-serve basis. Therefore, the airdrop account balance is able to run out if more users than expected come to claim the airdrop reward in a short period of time.

Dashboard for Transparency

There will be a dashboard to show the current airdrop account balance, cumulative airdrop minting and cumulative airdrop distribution for transparency.

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