Seeing Ads

earn reward every ad see on Castcle

Disclaimer: this following information is not currently available and subjected to change without notice.

For Castcle, we believe users own their data

We believe in a decentralized concept in which everyone who contributes to the community deserves the benefit and the benefit should be directly related to the value of the contribution.

‌Conventional Social Media exploit user personal data

In conventional social media, user's personal data is exploited for giant tech firms. Social media earns revenue from advertising based on our personal data that they collect from our usage behavior. As a result, shareholders of social media earn more than 120,000 million USD annually from our personal data.

Revenue Sharing Reward

Castcle's founding principle is that users should earn rewards on their personal data and for their contribution to social media, as the user is the core of the ecosystem. The more users spend time on the feed, the more ads will reach them, and more rewards are shared back to the user.

How is the see ads reward calculate

See Ads reward is 20% of social reward from advertising value that users see on their feed. Castcle will reward back to users 14% of the advertising revenue (after deducting a 30% development reserve). So see ads reward is varied among users and directly related to the advertisement value of each user.

How is advertising value calculated

We use advertisement auction to determine the best ads to show on users' feeds at a given point of time. When the advertisers create ads, they select their target audiences based on many criteria and preferences. Ads that best match the user's preference and highest bit will show up on users’ feeds.

Benefit from your personal data

Every user can earn and benefit from their own data. Marketers are willing to pay higher advertisement prices for their targeted audience. Therefore, the more user’s data available in Castcle, the more users can earn part of the data value.

‌Reward with token that directly related to the revenue of Castcle

In orde to ensure that our users are also our stakeholders, they will be rewarded with CAST token. By design, all ad revenue will be for buying CAST token in the market, resulting in a direct correlation with the value of CAST Token. In this way, each user is a part owner of Castcle together, because he/she will benefit directly from the performance of Castcle.

Earn more reward with Content Farming

Every user can earn more CAST tokens by doing content farming. Users can select the content that they believe will become popular and a hit among the community. The farmed content will be prioritized by the Castcle’s machine learning. Users who do content farming will also get a share of the reward as users help the community to select the quality content and make the platform sustainable in the long term with good quality content. Read more about content farming

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