Introduction of Castcle - Decentralized Social Media

There are 5 Stakeholders on Castcle, decentralized social media that should have be aligned and share the benefit altogether.

  1. Content Creators

  2. Content Farmers (content curators)

  3. Content Viewers (users who see ads)

  4. Advertisers

  5. Platform

Content Creators

The content creators will earn a Content Reach reward when their content reaches other users' feeds. The content reach mechanism is run by Castcle’s cutting edge machine learning to show the most relevant content to each user’s preference. Content creators will get the time-weight proportion of the advertisement value that their contents reach to other users’ feeds. So, the longer quality content will receive the higher proportion reward of each advertisement value.

Content Farmers (content promotor)

Content farming is when users stake their CAST tokens into contents that they believe to be of good quality and valuable to other users in a 24 hour period in order to receive a portion of the ad revenue. ‌The farmed content will be prioritized in the Castcle algorithm and appear on other users’ feeds. The content farmers will get a share of the content farming reward as users help the community to curate the quality content and make the platform sustainable in the long term.

Content Viewers (user who see ads)

Users will earn seeing ad rewards every ad they are seeing between their content feed on Castcle. Users can monetize their personal data. Users are the ones who control the privacy and allow targeted advertisements to them. The more data on Castcle, the more accurate the targeted ads that match to the users' preference, the more users can earn from higher ad value.


Advertisement on Castcle is an ad auction system similar to conventional social media. Advertisers can select their target demographics based on the users’ data with their privacy consent allowing for targeted advertising and greater specificity and efficiency. This will create a mutual and sustainable benefit for both advertisers and users.


Castcle aims to be the better and fairer social media that every uses is an owner together. We will distribute most of the value and benefit back to every user and they will benefit from the success of platform via the CAST token. CAST token is the utility token for advertising on Castcle, the more users on Castcle, the more advertising and more demand of the CAST token.

Transparency and Community Sharing is our core belief and value. Castcle aims to be an open source code platform. The source code repository of Castcle is available to check and see our progress on GitHub

All works and source files published in this repository are published under GNU AGPLv3 license terms.

Let's try Castcle now! Download Application: https://bit.ly/36jNIOL

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