Content NFT
Keep content perpetual and earn present value of Content Reach Reward

Users can mint any of their content on Castcle to content NFT and store it to decentralized content storage for perpetual content storage. There will be a fees involving minting cost and decentralized content storage cost.
More detail of decentralized content storage provider :

A content NFT holder will earn 80% Content Reach reward or 28% of ad's value from that content instead of content creator. The rest 20% Content Reach reward or 7% of ad's value is still belong to the content creator for

A content creator can mint content NFT and sell in a NFT marketplace to earn present value of Content Reach reward in advance. The content creator will earn 5% of loyalty fees for every transaction of the content NFT.
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Mint Content NFT on decentralized content storage
Earn 80% Content Reach reward from holding a content NFT
Earn present value of Content Reach reward and 5% loyalty fees