Profile / Page / Group

What is difference between Profile / Page / Group

Disclaimer: this following information is not currently available and subjected to change without notice.


A "Profile" is for your personal account to share your personal information such as your thoughts and photos, and follow other profiles, pages and join groups. However, anyone can use a pseudonym name. Content from the following profiles, pages and joined groups will show up on their Circle Feed (news feed)


A "Page" is for content creators / businesses / organizations to update their contents. A Profile is needed to create a page and multiple page accounts can be managed by the same profile.

Both profiles and pages can do engagement such as comment, recast any contents on Castcle. Both profiles and pages can do auto post feature that will automatically post content to the Page account every content they post on a connected social media account.

Group (not available yet)

A "Group" is for a community of people to share the same interest. A Group is created by a profile and will be the admin. Only profiles can join the group (a page cannot) but the profile can recast the page's content to the joined group

In the future, pages can be managed by multiple admins or profiles, can do a draft / scheduled post and review analytical dashboards. Profiles will have follow permission (private account) and story features that can select to share content only for their followers and 24 hour story to their followers.

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