Sync Social & Auto Post

Post automatically to Castcle account every time you create new contents on your synced social media accounts

Auto post feature allows the content creator across social media such as

  • Twitter (ready to sync and auto post)

  • Facebook Page (under development)

To earn more on Castcle platform with one simple feature. By connecting Castcle page with the social media account, every content creation on conventional social media will automatically post on the Castcle account. Thus, the content creator can reach and gain new followers on Castcle using the same content. When their followers see ads on Castcle, the content creator will earn a portion of the ad revenue sharing as well. Inversely, by connecting Your Castcle page with the social media account, when content creators want to post content on Castcle directly, they can select to automatically post on their connected social media account as well.

The content creator will earn ad revenue sharing when the content reaches users’ feed and that users see ads. Therefore, the more followers, the more content reaches to users and more content creators earn on Castcle.

Keep in mind that our auto post feature is currently available for only Page accounts. Users need to create a page and connect that Castcle page with other social media accounts. More information on the difference between "Page" and "Profile" on Castcle

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